Salvatore Demaio is a freelance photographer from New York City. He grew up in Dumbo and is still residing in the artsy, gentrified Brooklyn neighborhood. While growing up in Dumbo he developed a passion for photography after being exposed to many different forms of Visual Arts. Being raised in a low-income household by his military Grandfather who had twelve kids, Salvatore was taught to get a job and work hard to survive. When he was younger he learned that artists didn't make enough money to provide a comfortable living for themselves so he left the dream and decided to pursue college for Computer Information Systems. It was not until the rise of social media, him facing his fears and his trust that God would take care of everything and provide for him that he decided to take a leap of faith. He quit his job, spent over $9,000+ on photography equipment, and went full time chasing his dream and fulfilling his passion for Photography.